Impact of online advertising

Online is not just effective.
Online is ideally suited both for direct response and branding campaigns. Why? Because apart from the actual click on the advertisement, Internet advertising is an outstanding way of achieving medium and long-term aims such as awareness and image. The way it works is similar to other media: the advertisement is noticed, even if it is not clicked on. The observer does, however, store the message and translates it into a response later ("depot effect"), for example by visiting the advertised website or purchasing a specific product.

Correlative effects have been proven several times in studies. The online medium therefore works with respect to such key factors as brand awareness, sympathy, advertisement recollection and disposition to purchase through to the sale. Added to this are radiating effects provided by the modern image of the Internet as a medium.

But also efficient.
Various studies also show that integrating an online component increases the impact of a conventional campaign – even if the budget remains the same – since the advertising effect generally falls as the number of leads increases (final utility). It is therefore more efficient to use the budget for new online leads than to keep targeting the same leads in TV or print media, for example.

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