Online penetration by age group

According to the internet facts 2010-III, the Internet has a reach of 73.4% in Germany during the reporting period – i.e. in the 3rd quarter of 2010, 51.78 million people were on the Internet (73.4% of Germanspeaking people over the age of 14 living in Germany [70.51 million]). The widest group of users (WNK; people who used the Internet within the last three months) constituted 71.9% of the population, equating to 50.67 million people.

A comparison of the age ranges represented among Internet users and non-Internet users shows that all generations are encountered on the Web. 14- to 39-year olds are virtually all on the Internet, with proportions well over the 90% mark, while the figure among 40- to 49-year olds is 86.3. Even in the higher age groups, many people are now online: among 50- to 59-year olds, 73.2% or almost three quarters are online, while 36.2% or over a third of the over 60s are Internet users.