Advertising investments by segments

Following the financial crisis of 2009, the online advertising market grew by 26% in 2010, which was higher than the forecast growth rate of 19%. This meant that the gross advertising volume in the fields of affiliate networks, search engine marketing and conventional online advertising exceeded the €5 billion threshold for the first time last year. The growth effects of 2010 have had a particularly strong effect in view of the muted activity of the previous year. At the same time, the dynamic market trend shows that online advertising has now established itself as an indispensable element of a comprehensive target group appeal.

A glance at the growth rates compared with the previous year reveals that it is once again conventional online advertising that has benefited most from the positive trend in the online advertising market. With a growth rate of 35% on the previous year, conventional online advertising surpassed the €3 billion threshold for the first time in 2010, with gross investment in the sector totalling some €825 million more than the previous year. With a total of €3151 million, it represents the highest spend of the three segments under consideration. Second place is occupied by search engine marketing, with advertising investment totalling €1867 million and a growth rate of 15% compared with 2009.

The OVK also forecasts uninterrupted positive growth in the online advertising market for the current year, although the impact following the extremely positive “post-financial crisis effect” in 2010 will normalise again this year. In light of this, the OVK forecasts growth of 16% for the entire online advertising market in 2011, which would take the gross advertising volume for Internet advertising above €6 billion. Around 60% of this or 3781 million would be spent on conventional online advertising, a third or 2076 million on search engine marketing and 6% or 373 million on affiliate networks.