Advertising investments by area of business

The natural establishment of online advertising in the media mix can now be observed across all industries. Advertisers in all sectors are now finding relevant potential target groups on the Internet (see also page 17 of this report). It is therefore not surprising that, for 2010, a continual increase in online advertising investment can be seen in all economic sectors shown. The service sector is once again the top online spender: In 2010, it spent €105.7 million more than in the previous year – representing the second largest absolute growth for the economic sectors shown. This takes online spending in the service sector to €401.3 million.

The largest absolute growth in online advertising investment can be seen in “other advertising”, with an increase of €142.2 million on the previous year. A total of €307.4 million was spent on online advertising in this area in 2010 – an indicator of the ever expanding range of advertising companies on the Internet. Suitable to this development is that the online advertising investment of the food industry in 2010 put it in the top 10 business sectors for the first time. With annual spending of €70.9 million, the online commitment of this sector has grown considerably. Consequently, its share in the media mix has doubled over the previous year.

The financial sector also intensified its online advertising activities in the wake of the 2009 financial crisis and spent an extra €72.6 million, taking its total outlay for 2010 to €220.8 million. The vehicle market, personalcare products and the retail and mail order industry also showed clear absolute growth running into the tens of millions in 2010. The same applies to the telecommunications sector as well as the tourism and catering industries, albeit in a more moderate form. Nevertheless, the share of online advertising in the media mix continues to vary wildly: while in some sectors, such as the service industry, almost a quarter of the budget is invested in online advertising, in other sectors of the economy, online advertising still plays a minor part in the media mix despite the increased online commitment visible across all sectors. This means that in terms of the total media budget available, spending on online advertising remains in the single-digit percentage range in five of the ten sectors examined. As a result, there is still considerable budget potential for the Internet in these areas.